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      2. Liaoning  HongTai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

        Bulk drugs and medical intermediate:+86-24-78826666  Veterinary preparation:+86-24-78826888

        About us

        辽宁宏泰药业有限公司Liaoning HongTai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Tieling Industrial Park of Liaoning Province, covering an area of 23040m2. Construction area is 8026m2 and manufacturing shop covers 2218m2. Central laboratory covers 437.83 m2 and the warehouse covers 405.2 m2. Total investment is RMB 13million Yuan. There is convenient transportation condition and physical distribution condition, with Tieling Edible Oil Plant at west, YaoBaoZhen highway at south, and Shenyang-Harbin highway at east.

        HongTai Pharmaceutical is a company integrated of research, production and selling. In December, 2005, our company passed GMP standard inspection of powder, premixing agent, terminal sterilization small-volume injection, oral solution and crude drug workshop. In 2011, our company passed reinspection of GMP. We increased GMP production line of terminal sterilization large volume injection, extraction of Chinese traditional medicine, liquid and solid sanitizer in 2012 to meet market request.

        Our service tenet is “technology oriented and market requirement”. And stable marketing system has been constructed. We have been awarded of many honor titles, for example, “high quality and good reputation” unit, “AAA level credit enterprise”. We strictly control each process, from raw material selection to finished products. And our products cover most regions in our country. Crude drugs and medical intermediates have been exported to South America, Europe, West Asia and South Korea regions. They are highly praised by uses. We will feedback our society with even better service and products.

        Hongtai Mobile


        Tieling Industrial Park, Liaoning, China


        Bulk drugs and medical intermediate

        Copyright(C)2016,Liaoning HongTai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice

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