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      2. Liaoning  HongTai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

        Bulk drugs and medical intermediate:+86-24-78826666  Veterinary preparation:+86-24-78826888


        Look for partners

        Look for partners
            Liaoning Hongtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, was founded in 2000,with the registered capital of ten million yuan。Our company is located in Tieling County Industrial Park of Liaoning Province, covering an area of 24000m2. Scope of business: feedstuff、powder、pulvis、premix、final sterilization small volume injection、oral solution、API、additive premix production。
            As the largest production base of veterinary medicine GMP, we have production lines of powder、pulvis、premix、injection and oral solution。
        Our company was approved the preparation of veterinary medicine  more than 120 by government。Its intangible assets is worth 150 million ,including technology patents、utility patents、trademarks and mature veterinary medicine market and so on。
        And our products cover more than 20 regions in our country。Our company is one of the few enterprises which have the right to export veterinary medicine,and our products have been exported to South America、Europe、West Asia and South Korea and so on。They are highly praised by customers.
           In 2012,our company was certified as a provincial technology center, and have a number of independent intellectual property of scientific and technological achievements。It is a high and new tech enterprise which integrated research,production and selling。With the development of the company’s R&D,and the accumulation and advance of pharmaceutical production technology、craft、resources、management experience, and market demand for pharmaceutical, demand that the company had the condition of accelerating development。
           Now our company is exploiting the pharmaceutical market, hoping to achieve win-win cooperation and fully developed situation。Now we are looking for long-term, strategic partners。Welcome the people of insight  to join us and work for the common well-being and common development。



        Hongtai Mobile


        Tieling Industrial Park, Liaoning, China


        Bulk drugs and medical intermediate

        Copyright(C)2016,Liaoning HongTai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice

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